Our Behavioral Health programs offer an array of culturally competent and evidence-based behavioral healthcare, prevention, treatment and educational programs delivered by a team of qualified professionals. Services are designed for people facing various challenges at different points in life, whether they are children living with emotional or mental health issues, youth and adults dealing with substance use issues, or families in need of support. We offer a continuum of interconnected services, including case management, counseling, residential living, substance use prevention and treatment, integrated health and resources for individuals with developmental disabilities.

This website is not monitored. If you are in crisis and need assistance:

  • Call your doctor’s office.
  • Call 911 for emergency services.
  • Call the toll-free, 24-hour hotline of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) to be connected to a trained counselor at a suicide crisis center nearest you.

Mental Health Services

Mental health for those in need, which can address unique problems with different solutions, from counseling to therapeutic case management, to 24-hour supervised residential living, to rehabilitation. We are also one of only six organizations selected by the State of Illinois to provide preventive children’s mental health services and are a certified Mental Health First Aid training provider. We offer Integrated Health Services targeting a variety of physical health and mental health needs. Our Mental Health services include:

  • Pre-Admission Screening
  • 24-hour Supervised Residential (placement by referral only)
  • Community Support & Case Management
  • Psycho-Social Rehabilitation
  • ACT – Assertive Community Treatment
  • CST – Community Support Team
  • Integrated Health

Mental Health Counseling

Our Mental Health Counseling services include:

  • Child, Adolescent & Family Counseling
  • Adult Mental Health Counseling
  • MHJJ – Mental Health Juvenile Justice

Substance Use Counseling

Substance use prevention and treatment, whether that requires community intervention, outpatient treatment, or DUI evaluation, risk education, and counseling. Our Substance Use Counseling services include:

  • Level I & II Outpatient Treatment
  • DUI Risk Education
  • DUI Evaluations
  • DUI RE-Evaluations
  • Early Intervention
  • Toxicology Screening

Developmental Disabilities

Specialized care for persons with developmental disabilities, with assistance in many forms, including life skills and developmental training, short-term, at-home respite care for family members, or placement in a Community Integrated Living Arrangement residence. Our Developmental Disabilities services include:

  • Life Skills Education/Developmental Training I (placement by referral only)
  • Home Based Service Facilitation (placement by referral only)
  • Respite Care (placement by referral only)
  • Residential CILA (placement by referral only)

Integrated Health

The Integrated Health Program offers free bilingual, primary and psychiatric care for participants with mental illness, developmental disabilities or co-occurring disorders. Our client-centered, recovery-oriented care model is culturally competent, and it is an effective treatment model that reduces stigma. Patients have access to a bilingual 24-hour crisis hotline, a nurse, a board-certified psychiatrist, a primary care physician, and clinical staff who collaborate to create and implement an action plan for patients’ holistic wellness.

For more information about Behavioral Health Services, please call (773) 772-8009.

Illinois Relay Service:
TTY 1-800-526-0844
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