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Developmental Disabilities 

How We Help

We understand that each and every participant has a specific set of needs and goals. With that in mind, we offer a variety of programs to best suit and support each person with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We strive to create environments filled with dedicated staff to help our participants live successfully and comfortably. From day programs that take place here at Association House, to residential living centers, we aim to create the best experience possible for our participants and their caretakers. 


All of our housing and programs are licensed by the State of Illinois.

Levels of Support

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Life Skills Education (LSE)

The LSE Program is a day program that helps adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities improve their cognitive, psychosocial, educational, vocational, and community functioning. 

A male LSE participant holding up a peace sign and smiling.

Home Based Self Directed Assistance

Home-Based SDA assists Home-Based Waiver recipients and their families in arranging for, directing and managing services. We also teach practical skills to help individuals and families to independently direct and manage Waiver services.

A black female LSE participant in the park.

Respite Care

Respite services is available for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, is a temporary relief to caregivers and support the individual in their family home or in the community.

A black male LSE participant in the park smiling.

Residential CILA

Our CILA is a 24-hour supervised residential for adults focusing on promoting community integration. Residents can practice economic self-sufficiency and daily living skills, while we handle medication monitoring and case management services.

Please note that all of our programs for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities programs are by referral only, and are not always accepting referrals. 

Questions? Give us a call or send us an email. 

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Jose, a male hispanic participant in the LSE program.

"Right away, I noticed a big difference in Jose. Now he is happier. They paired him with someone his age that is going through the same challenges. That made a big difference."

- Parent of Program Participant

94% of individuals served in 2021 increased their daily living skills in pursuit of their individual goals.

Related Programs

3 diverse female staff members, in scrubs and professional attire standing in front of a huge colorful mural in one of the building's hallways.

Integrated Health

photograph of a black male participant in Association House's Life Skills Education Program.

Case Management 

A male psychosocial rehabilitation participant and program leader in the fron of the building for a mini carnival.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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