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Large mural done on one of the hallways at the Association House, depicting differents aspects of the city and our community of Humboldt park done by students at the Association House High School. Depoictions inclyde the skyline, puerto rican flags, mysical insturments




The House is a vibrant, inclusive home for people on a journey to live their fullest life. 

  • Integrity: Being ethical and demonstrating commitment to mission, values and philosophy

  • Excellence: Using skills and abilities to consistently increase effectiveness

  • Respect: Recognizing and affirming the unique value of each individual, group, and culture

  • Leadership: Taking every opportunity to develop one’s capacity for decision-making, individual initiative, and quality of life choices

  • Education: Enhancing the potential of individuals and communities

Association House's mission is to advance each person's full participation in the life of their families, communities, and society.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Association House of Chicago has long been committed to the goals of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. We take a firm, explicit, and public stance in support of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized individuals and communities both within our own service areas and beyond. These commitments acknowledge the fact that nonprofit and social service institutions are not immune from the deep-rooted systemic oppression, racism, anti-Blackness, ableism, xenophobia, and homophobia present in all facets of our everyday lives.  

To eliminate the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes against marginalized individuals and communities, it is important that we continually assess ourselves and our practices and address our own implicit biases. As such, we will work within our institutional structures to implement anti-bias training consistently across all levels of the House. We will maintain dedicated efforts to the recruitment and retention of diverse employees and participants. We will convene and support the ongoing recommendations of an Association House DEI Committee. And perhaps of greatest importance, we will maintain dedicated efforts to culture change at Association House. We are committed to these actions today, tomorrow, and ongoing. 

Annual Reports

Audited Financials

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