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Join Us for Gambling Disorder Screening Day on March 12th

Have you ever worried about how much you're gambling? It can be difficult to tell how much is too much-- but catching the early warnings can mean a world of difference.

If gambling has ever gotten in the way of your work, relationships, or financial stability, join us at Association House for a free risk assessment screening as part of National Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

A light lunch will be served, and recovery resources will be accessible on site at Association House from 9 am-1 pm. Bring a friend and stay informed on the risks of problem gambling, and learn more about its impact on your community.

Looking for other ways to get involved? Submit original artwork to the Are You Really Winning? art competition to inspire those struggling to seek the help they need. The competition's submission deadline is March 31, 2024. Selected works will be featured in a public showing this Spring.

If you or someone you love is struggling with gambling, call or text 1-800-GAMBLER or visit Help is available 24/7 – it is free and confidential.


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