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Association House High School

High school is not the same journey for everyone — but traditional schools often treat it that way. Whether it’s due to impersonal classes, absent counseling, family challenges, or children of one’s own, not everyone reaches graduation the same way. Association House High School, a Youth Connections Charter School, offers a new path to graduation for 16 to 21-year-olds in Chicago who have been left behind by traditional public schools. As a Level 1+ school, our goal is to prepare successful, productive, and compassionate members of a diverse, competitive, and global society. 


We offer compassionate, immediate, and individual social and academic support. We commit to empowering students through relevant antiracist education. We will work to develop the essential tools each student will use to transform their lives and realize their endless potential. 

A maroon wolf head graphic, the Association House High School mascot.


To stabilize and support each unique student in their current circumstances, to help them overcome and root out inequities, and to prepare them to stand in power for the world they will inherit.

Our Core Values

Association House High School teacher sitting and working with a student.


A male Association House High School student in cap and gown holding his diploma.


Association House High School hispanic male student.


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A black female student working on an art piece in an after school program.

After School Programs

Want to get more involved? We offer a variety of programs after school. It's a great way to make friends and meet new people.

5 diverse female mentor program leaders standing together smiling.

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program focuses on individual students. We provide the resources our students need to be successful.

A male Association House High School student working on homework.


We offer a variety of relevant and engaging courses for our students to be successful, graduate, and earn their degree.

2 female Association House High School graduates in cap and gown along with their friends, family and members from the High School staff.

Meet Our Staff

Get to know the people behind our student's success. Meet our administrators, teachers, and mentors.

A female Association House High School student reading with her daughter in the Family Literacy room.

Family Literacy Program

Our Family Literacy Program (FLP) is a safe place for our student's children to have daycare while their parents learn in the classroom.

A person filling out a form.

Important Forms

Want to register at our high school? You can find our registration and transcript request form here.

Success Stories

Partners & Funders

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