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Photograph of multiple, diverse male and female students in cap and gown at their graduation ceremony aftering graduation from the Association House High School.


Supporters like you fuel our social impact. Thanks to your generosity, we're opening the door to opportunity in the community. 

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Participant Jose, a male participant in our LSE program, walking down the sidewalk with his little brother, and his mother at his side.

What We Do

Since 1899, we have served a vibrant, multicultural community. We use a trauma-informed, culturally responsive model to promote health and wellness and create opportunities for educational and economic advancement.

Harriet Sadauskas, former Executive Director and CEO gazing out the windows on the 6th floor. Right above the park, you can see a perfect view of the Chicago city skyline.

Why We Do It

We envision a more inclusive society: one where each person is fully participating - economically, politically, socially and culturally - in the life of their families, communities and society.

Photograph of Jose, a male hispanic participant and his brother, mother and father sitting together on the couch laughing and smiling.

How We Do It

We serve thousands through direct services in four divisions that work collaboratively to meet the varied needs of those we serve: Association House High School, Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, and Community Health & Workforce Development.

We respond to real and urgent needs in our community. 


Low Educational Attainment

25% of adult residents have not graduated

high school.


High Unemployment

Humboldt Park’s unemployment rate of 18% is double the national average.


Barriers to Health Care

15% of residents do not have health insurance.


Children at Risk

16% of children experiencing abuse in Illinois were abused again within 12 months from the first substantiated report.


Opioid Crisis

40% of all Chicago opioid overdose EMS calls were from within 2.5 miles of Association House.

And make a lasting impact, year after year. 

Photo of multiple, diverse male and female students in cap and gown at their graduation ceremony throwing their caps in the air and celebrating.

High School Graduation

30+ youth earn their high school diploma at Association House High School

Photo of one of our participants, a black male, sitting on the couch smiling with his young daughter sitting on his lap, smiling as well.

Child Safety

99% of children served by Child Welfare team remain free from abuse, helping to break the cycle of abuse

Photograph of multiple diverse, male and females from our BankWorks program.

Living Wage Jobs

85+ individuals receive job training for careers that enable long-term stability

Photo of one of our participants from the visions program. Male, black.

Reducing Substance Use

82% of Visions participants successfully reduce drug use within 30 days of treatment, many reach full abstinence

Community Mental Health

3 diverse female staff members, in scrubs and professional attire standing in front of a huge colorful mural in one of the building's hallways.

250+ adults and youth obtain Mental Health First Aid certification


Developmental Disability Support

38,077 hours of direct support provided to individuals with developmental disabilities

and their families

Support Our Work

You can be the key to opportunity for the next person we serve. Whether we're awarding a scholarship to promising graduates, giving out food packages to struggling families, or helping an individual heal from years of trauma - this work is made possible by a village of supporters just like you. At Association House, no person is alone. 

Photograph of the 2 female hispanic recipients of the Harriet Sadauskas Scholarship, along with their large cardboard checks.

Strategic Plan

Association House's Strategic Plan is more than just a document - it's a guide to making real, lasting impact in our community. Our Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap in identifying the goals and strategies that will enable us to advance our mission. Leadership, staff, participants, and donors worked together to ensure this plan reflects our collective goals and vision for the House. From our history and identity to priorities and strategies, we look forward to working toward our goal for a brighter future.

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