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Case Management

How We Help

Our culturally-affirming, trauma-informed case management programs support individuals with mental health disorders in accessing resources and achieving independence and recovery. 

Levels of Support

Recovery and independence are different for every individual. Rooted in the belief that mental health should not stand in the way of reaching your goals, our case managers will work with you to create meaningful, achievable goals and help you reach them. At every level of support, common services include traditional case management, connections to resources, systems navigation, medication management, and therapy. 

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"The services I receive are excellent and help me reach a sense of independence. They have impacted me in several ways, mainly with my mental stability and a sense of how incredible life can be. I'm not afraid to ask questions, and I always get the help I need.”

- Community Support Team Participant

Eligibility & Enrollment

Our case management programs serve Medicaid-eligible individuals in need of mental health services. Please note, while we may connect participants to housing resources, this is not a housing program. These programs serve individuals with mental health needs beyond housing alone. If you are interested in learning more about case management services, please contact us at 773-772-8009 ext. 1020. 

Colbert & Williams Comprehensive Class Member Transition Program

Association House is one of thirteen agencies in Illinois proudly helping individuals transition out of nursing facilities to the least restrictive level of care in community-based settings through intensive case management.

95% of participants successfully avoid psychiatric hospitalization.

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