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Medical Records Technician

Responsible for the accurate and secure storage and retrieval of participant medical records.  Maintains participant files and statistics; responds to requests for medical records and performs clerical duties under the direction of the supervisor.  Ensures that participant’s initial medical chart is complete by assisting with assembling patients’ health information.  Verifies that all forms are completed and properly identified and signed and that all necessary information is in the computer.  Maintains patient files and statistics; responds to requests for medical records; performs clerical duties.  Regularly communicates with physicians and other staff to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information as necessary.  Associate or Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences preferred.   Experience with client billing, admissions, medical records, and/ or DMH policies preferred.  At least one year of specialized experience and/or training in keeping medical records.  Familiarity with HIPAA.  Ability to work flexible hours.  

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Jaime Garcia by e-mail to   or fax to (773) 384-0560.