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Hispanic Heritage Month Empowers Lili to be a Voice for the Latinx Community

Meet Lili, our passionate Marketing Specialist and a proud first-generation Mexican American. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we sat down with Lili to learn about her journey and the role she plays at Association House. Join us in discovering how her cultural roots and commitment empower her to uplift her community and break barriers in the marketing world.

Tell us a little about yourself and your position at Association House.

Hi, my name is Lili! I am first generation Mexican. I really enjoying cooking and baking even though I am not the best at it, but practice makes perfect. Photography is also something I try to learn more about, not only for fun, but also for work. I have a bachelor’s in communication from Loyola University Chicago. I am the Marketing Specialist here at Association House and I help manage our social pages, such as Instagram and Facebook. I work on the more creative aspects as well, such as creating flyers and designs.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

I wanted to support my community. The Hispanic community can sometimes seem left behind compared to others in my opinion. I want to uplift them as much as I can in anyway. Especially because I understand the struggles it takes to leave your home country and go somewhere new. I also have a passion for wanting to reduce the stigma on mental health. It should not be brushed under the rug, but something that’s recognized.

How has your cultural background influenced your career or the work you do at the organization?

The desire to be a voice. To be one of the individuals who paves a path for the ones that want to follow similar paths. It feels like sometimes you can’t do something, because you don’t see someone that has a similar background in that position. I struggle with that when I feel like I am the only Latina in the mix. There’s a drive to do better for the people around me and the people who feel like those doors won’t open.

Are there any Hispanic figures or leaders who have inspired you throughout your life?

Honestly, my parents. I’ve heard so many stories from their childhoods to how they became citizens and seeing them work so hard and all they do for me, and my younger brother makes me truly appreciate all they did and continue to do. Frida Kahlo is also a big inspiration. What she stands for, and her artwork has always stood out to me. She wasn’t afraid to be herself and fiercely independent.

Can you share a cultural tradition or celebration that is meaningful to you?

Thanks to the movie Coco by Pixar, I developed a stronger connection and appreciation for the holiday, The Day of the Dead. For as long as I can remember, my mom always had an Ofrenda set up close to our front door. An Ofrenda is an altar where it’s decorated with pictures of deceased loved ones and all types of foods and candies or even drinks that they loved. It is believed that on this day they come and visit us and enjoy the items that are placed alongside. It made me understand that though people we love aren’t around anymore, they are never truly gone. Plus, now I love helping my mom decorate and sharing stories.

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