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Graduating into a New Future

Association House High School knows that not everyone’s journey is the same. A person will face challenges that will get in the way of success. But with the right knowledge, resources, and support, you can overcome these obstacles.

This is true for Nancy, an Association House High School and BankWork$ graduate. Before finding Association House, Nancy was unsure of what her future held. As a mother facing housing and financial insecurity, she was forced to drop out of high school to make ends meet.

“I felt stuck. Like I was a mime feeling around in a box. Who couldn’t get out. And had no key,” Nancy states.

For Nancy, Association House was the key. Nancy was struggling to keep up with school, work, and taking care of her two kids. She doubted whether she would make it to graduation. But the second Nancy walked into Association House, she found the support she needed that would ultimately change her life.

Teachers offered her rides to school. The Family Literacy Program provided a safe place for Nancy’s children to go to daycare while she was in her classes. Teachers worked with her to complete homework at school so she didn’t have to stay up late after work.

And before she knew it, Nancy made it to graduation. Being able to walk across the stage with her kids made the hard work, long hours, and support she received along the way worth it.

"I’m beyond thankful for the people that I met that steered me into the right direction because now I can steer other people in the right direction."

After graduation, Nancy continued to come to Association House. Not as a high school student, but as a BankWork$ student. This program gives students the knowledge they need to enter the banking industry and so much more. It gives students the courage and confidence to make their dreams reality.

”You have to work for it, and you have to be determined. Because if you're not determined, any little thing, any inconvenience, could make you want to back away,” says Nancy.

Nancy currently works at Associated Bank as a Relationship Banker where the majority of staff are BankWork$ graduates.

Without Association House, Nancy’s life would not be what it is today. Her life is fuller than it has ever been. She looks forward to achieving goals she never thought would be possible - such as buying a home. There is no doubt that Nancy has a bright future ahead of her.

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