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Workforce Development Programs Open Doors for Tomica

Tomica, a resilient single mother, always had the determination to succeed. Though her early life had its share of challenges, Tomica maintained belief in her potential. Her path to success at Association House began while attending college when she learned about the organization’s programs. It was then that Tomica made the life-changing decision to enroll in the Financial Careers Training program.

In 2021, Tomica successfully completed the Financial Careers Training program, opening doors to a career in the banking industry. Through her experience in the workforce, she recognized a need for a deeper education in technology. Tomica’s determination to enhance her abilities encouraged her to enroll in Digital Skills 4 Life, a decision that would prove to be invaluable in propelling her knowledge and skills even further.

Tomica’s experience at Association House wasn’t without its challenges. Due to Tomica’s health conditions and her personal struggles with seizures, there were times when she was unable to attend class regularly. She sometimes contemplated giving up, but her teacher, Hind, provided the encouragement, motivation, and most importantly, the flexibility she needed to persevere.

Today, Tomica works in the medical field, excelling in data entry. The knowledge she gained through Financial Careers Training and Digital Skills 4 Life has proved to be advantageous in her professional journey.

She shared, “I’m not scared anymore or stressed out.”

Financial Careers Training and Digital Skills 4 Life have not only taught her helpful skills but have given her the confidence to tackle challenges, both at work and in her personal life.

Tomica believes in herself and states, “I know I can do it!”

Tomica’s story doesn’t end here. Her future goals include sharing her remarkable journey, knowledge, and experiences with the youth, particularly young girls, to instill in them that they are worth it. She aspires to help others, just as Association House helped her.

Tomica’s journey is a true testament to her determination and resilience. Her story inspires those who face adversity, showing us that we can achieve our dreams with the right support and education.

Our Workforce Development programs provide individuals with the necessary tools to stabilize their lives, build confidence in their careers, and move towards economic self-sufficiency. For more information about our programs, click the button below!


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