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Staff Highlight: Sherri Richardson

Sherri is our Financial Careers Facilitator and part of Association House's Workforce Development team. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, she shares what inspires her about her work at Association House and gives advice on improving financial literacy.

What about your work inspires you?

I'm inspired by the participants of our Workforce Development programs. They are driven and determined to create better lives for themselves and their families despite their past experiences and present challenges. This motivates me to go above and beyond my normal job duties to help them achieve their employment and financial goals.

Why do you think financial literacy is important? Financial Literacy Month brings awareness and attention to starting or maintaining healthy financial habits. Learning and understanding how to properly manage our finances helps us meet our financial goals and prepares us for financial emergencies. Also, we are less stressed when we have control over our finances.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to improve their financial literacy?

I suggest researching reasons why and how to create a budget, to save, and to pay off unnecessary debt. In my opinion, these are the three areas people struggle with the most. I also suggest researching ways to legitimately bring in additional sources of income to help meet their financial goals faster.



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