Association House High School is rated Level 1+ by Chicago Public Schools for its overall strong quality performance!  Last year our high school had a 90% graduation rate of all eligible seniors – well above the average graduation rate in the district. Our High School enrolls students year-round.

High school is not the same journey for everyone — but traditional schools often treat it that way. Whether it’s due to impersonal classes, absent counseling, family challenges, or children of one’s own, not everyone reaches graduation the same way. The Association House High School offers a new path to 16 to 21-year-olds in Chicago who have been left behind by traditional public schools and provides an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Our team of certified teachers, mentors, and support personnel tailor their services to each student’s academic and social needs and follow a regular school calendar. Association House High School in Humboldt Park collaborates with Youth Connection Charter Schools, Alternative Schools Network, and Chicago Public Schools.

Our goal is to prepare a successful, productive, and compassionate members of a diverse, competitive, and global society. Our team of certified teachers, mentors, and support personnel tailors their services to each student’s individual, social, and family needs including our on-site childcare, and a traditional school calendar schedule.

Individualized instruction is available through small class sizes and mentoring opportunities.
Data-driven curriculum that teaches core learning standards with additional academic supports to ensure students are well-equipped for success.
Integrated technology, with computers for research and class presentations.
Youth leadership development, offering students the opportunity to lead student organizations or create their own events.
Development and life-skills training include problem-solving and conflict resolution, community and school involvement, family and peer relations, as well as internal and external referrals.

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Special Education and Counseling

  • Vocational Counseling and College Placement
  • Individualized Tutoring

Family Literacy Program

The Family Literacy Program targets children (6 weeks – 5 years) of parenting students enrolled in the High School to address educational attainment for two generations at once. We provide daily on-site child care, early childhood education, family literacy activities, and parenting workshops on a schedule that is complementary to the high school schedule. Read More…

After School Programs

Association House faculty and staff provide youth with a safe, structured, and educational environment after school hours through extra-curricular activities. Our after school programs and services include:

  • Supplemental Education Services
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • Student Leadership
  • Yearbook/Literary Magazine
  • Basketball Team
  • Student-Teacher Band
  • Art Classes

Our work does not stop when students graduate. Association House High School offers to mentor and tutoring services to ensure students are well prepared for graduation and to help create pathways for college, trade school, or the workplace.

For more information regarding enrollment or any of these programs, call (773) 305-9300, or email

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