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What We Teach

Association House is known for small classes with engaging, individualized instruction. Our classes meet core learning standards, while providing additional academic supports to ensure students are well-equipped for success. Technology is integrated in all classes. 

Working Class Literature

Mr. Grossman

In Working Class Literature, we read, critique, discuss, and analyze the experiences of working class individuals in relation to society. We explore the ways in which discrimination manifests within contemporary American culture and how to counteract it through social justice, activism, and awareness.

English Techniques

Mr. Grossman

In English Techniques we explore what it means to write professionally and personally within the real world through a variety of mediums and assignments. We explore, critique, interpret, and compose multimedia to develop both written, verbal, and digital communication.

Civic Engagement and Protest

Mr. Grijalva

A traditional civics class will likely focus on the functions of government, the constitution, and voting. Instead, this class focuses on the power of the PEOPLE to make change. Explore topics such as violent/nonviolent protest, building social justice movements, and challenging the powers that be.

United States History

Mr. Trujillo

In US History, we focus furthering Students knowledge and appreciation of our nation's past, present, and future. We will develop an understanding of social, political, economical, cultural, and military experiences that have played a crucial role in shaping the history of our country.


Mr. Zschunke

Algebra is the study of properties and operations of the real number system, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, translating word problems into equations, operations with and factoring of polynomials, and solving simple quadratic equations.


Mr. Zschunke

Statistics involves the practice of collecting and analyzing meaningful data. This includes measures of central tendency and variation, graphical representations, sampling techniques, and probability calculations.


Ms. Czarkowski Ng

Biology is the study of life. We will introduce students to the scientific method, and then explore living systems from the molecular level up through cells, organisms, and whole ecosystems. We will cover the topics of microbiology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. This year we will additionally focus on understanding the COVID-19 virus and vaccine, so students can make healthy choices for themselves and their community.


Mr. Ng

In Physics, we study anything that moves that is NOT alive. Such as the movement of baseballs, cars, electricity, sound, light, and all forms of energy.


Ms. Vicens

In Drama, we study the impact theatre can have on society and how we as human beings interact with one another. We learn this through analyzation of popular Broadway shows, TV, and movie productions.

Contemporary Literature

Ms. Vicens

In Contemporary Literature, we focus on modern day novels and how they connect to our current world. We study issues of societal differences, government, and adapting to new situations, as well as character and plot development.

Chicago History

Mr. Trujillo

In Chicago History, we focus on furthering students knowledge and appreciation for our city's past, present, and future. Connecting with student's expereinces as residences, we will develop an understanding of the geographic, economic, political, and social experiences that have played a crucial role in shaping the history of our great city.


Mr. Grijalva

Are we in a dream right now? How does my brain work? Why do people do what they do? Humanities encourages students to find answers to the largest questions human beings have ever asked. Explore subjects like philosophy, psychology, sociology, and more!

Integrated Math

Mr. Pilger

Integrated Math integrates many topics including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and analysis.

S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics)

Mr. Ng

In S.T.E.A.M, we study a wide range of topics through the project based curriculum of FUSE. The class is driven by student interest and gives students a place to learn and develop 21st century skills.


Ms. Pair

In Zoology we will study all types of animals animals and learn their classifications and how they benefit from and provide to our world. We will study every species from tiny insects to large mammals. We will investigate what animals eat and how they live and how animals interact with their habitats.

Culinary Arts

Ms. Fisher

Culinary Arts is a student driven cooking apprenticeship provided to expose students to a home and commercial kitchen environment, the art of food preparation, cooking techniques, and presentation. Through instruction and practice, students obtain the necessary skills to plan, prepare, and cook a fabulous meal.

Dual Enrollment Program

Each Spring, the Dual Enrollment Program gives Association House High School students the opportunity to enroll in courses at City Colleges of Chicago, gaining college credits for free. This important program exposes students to the college experience. Past courses have included Intro to Computer Information Systems and Administration of Justice. 

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Giovanni, a hispanic male student from Associaiton House High School.

"My favorite class was English Literature. I love reading. I love writing about what I read."

- Giovanni, Class of 2021

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