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Caps Off to the Association House High School Class of 2024!

A celebration is in order for Association House's graduating class of 2024! This year, we awarded 42 diplomas to our hard-working students. To many of our students, this achievement once seemed impossible. But with the support of Association House High School and its unique approach to education, dreams became reality.

Today, there are more barriers to college and meaningful career paths than ever before. This is especially true for those who've been failed by the traditional education system. Many students are in need of more personalized classes, counseling, or extra support with family challenges.

Without a high school diploma, many young people face an uphill battle to even get their foot in the door. Recent studies show that individuals without a high school diploma receive $200 less than the median weekly pay of those with a diploma. Those without a high school diploma receive less than half of the median pay of those with a bachelor's degree.

Association House High School works to make getting a quality education easier. Through mentorship, creative coursework, and onsite childcare, AHHS supports students in a way no other school can.

In 2024, our graduating class achieved a monumental goal. Every single graduate completed the Learn, Plan, Succeed requisite of Chicago Public Schools! This is a metric used to show that students have concrete plans for college, with evidence.

In other words, 100% of this year's Association House graduates received their diploma! Not only that, but they were acceptable for at least one of the college degree programs they applied for with their mentors' help.

We are so proud of all the amazing journeys we've witnessed at AHHS. Our graduates have defied the odds and begun an exciting new chapter of their lives with a top-grade education under their belts. We can't wait to see what these inspiring young people do next, and are looking forward to helping every step of the way!


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