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Tenoch Ang

Lead Culinary Training Facilitator

What education or prior experiences do you have related to workforce development?

I graduated with an Associate Degree in Culinary Education and a Bachelor's degree in Commerce. I have over 30 years of experience working in the culinary field in many places such as the Salvation Army, Calphalon Culinary Center, Illinois Institute of Arts, and more.

What about your work inspires you?

Since I was 18, I have loved to cook, bake, and travel exploring the food of the world. Through cooking, I want to be able to be of service to the community. I love to teach and share my experiences to people who don't have the financial resources to take up culinary.

What's a fun fact about yourself?

I love learning different languages. I speak Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Taiwanese, Chinese Fookien, Pilipino or Tagalog, English and am currently honing my Spanish. I was a professional Folkloric Dancer when I was in college, and a martial artist with a specialization on jitkundo. During my free time or weekends, I explore the food of new restaurants. My favorite dish is paella.

Tenoch Ang
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