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A Determined Mom’s Hope for a Better Future

Going to college is difficult at 18, but going back as mom with kids is even more challenging. Like so many Association House participants, nothing could stop Matty Matiarena from furthering her career and building a better future for her family. Matty as a Social Worker wanted to learn and take more courses on Child Development while completing certifications for project management. She was juggling it all, but that still wasn’t enough for her. She continuously wanted to better herself. One day, as she was scrolling through Facebook, she came across an ad for Association House’s Tech#Ready program and saw that we were providing a Microsoft Excel program (MOS 2016). She quickly submitted her interest form and a few days later, Sawyer contacted her with an application form and entrance quiz on Microsoft Office Suites. The curriculum we have for Excel has so many different activities, lessons, pre-assessments, and post-assessments, and Matty completed all of them.

There's so much information packed in there and she worked with Hind, the Tech#Ready instructor, one-on-one and outside of class time, was super thorough, and made sure she did it the right way. That’s what stood out to us, her determination. Matty felt that Hind truly cared about her success, “She would always ask the students to reach out to her if we needed any help.” Hind always went above and beyond to make sure we had the tools we needed to exceed.

Matty had a computer that didn’t work well with the Excel program, so Hind was able to get Association House to provide her with a laptop to use, so Matty could finish the program. “Association House can provide the resources you need to achieve that success."

Tech#Ready’s Excel program is quite challenging, but Matty never once gave up. "My Child Development courses were much easier because I had the experience and knowledge from raising three daughters, but the Microsoft Excel program (MOS 2016) was very hard for me. Hind cares about you and your learning and will take the time with her students.”

Matty’s journey throughout the program hasn’t been an easy one, but she continues to persevere. Currently, Matty works at SGA Family and Youth Services as a Parent Educator and she’s part of the home-based program. She works directly with families and children, and provides home visits twice a month, resources, and assessments. Personally, I have gained more assurance and feel confident in saying I can use this program on a professional level.

Matty shares how the program has allowed her to gain so much more than she expected. “It’s the way Association House supports people. It was important to me that if I enroll in this program to have a teacher and organization that’s making sure I’m learning the material they are providing. They made me feel part of Association House - I wasn't only another student. Hind was a big reason why I felt part of the house. I want to thank Association House for this opportunity because not a lot of organizations provide this type of cares about their student's success. I’m so grateful for Hind and Sawyer and their help to finish the Tech#Ready program. I didn’t know what Association House was before, but now I know that you support and help people like me to have a better outcome, to reach our goals.”

We would like to thank our partner, Comcast, for making stories like Matty’s possible. Without their support to advance digital equity and help build a future for families like Matty’s this would not be possible. Our partnership has allowed students to receive the tools they need to successfully complete the Tech#Ready class. Thank you, Comcast, for believing in our mission and supporting the work we do to create better futures for our students.

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