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Staff Highlight: Tothyanna White

Tothyanna is our CST Clinician and part of Association House's Behavioral Health team. She shares with us how working with her patients every day and seeing their progress brings her joy and makes her job rewarding. In honor of Women's History Month, she highlights the women who have influenced her life/career and shares her favorite part about working at Association House.

What is your favorite part of your experience with Association House?

My favorite part of my experience at AHC has to be the environment Working so closely with staff and participants, it starts to feel like a family. I started as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) intern, and I was able to interact with patients only during that time. Now working as the CST clinician, I get to see patients in their everyday lives and watch them work through the skills they have learned in PSR and also with the CST team. It is very rewarding.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Women’s history month means a lot to me. I feel like it is so important that we take time to honor the fight that individuals who identify as women have made and continue to making, in order for me to be here typing this message today.

Is there a woman that has influenced you the most in your life/career?

There are two women who have influenced me most in my life and career, that is my mother and godmother. They both have always pushed me to be the best woman I can be and are always there to guide me in moments when I feel stuck. They continue to be women who I look forward to speaking with about good moments and bad moments.



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