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Staff Highlight: Hind Elbanna

Hind is our Technology Training instructor for our Tech#Ready program and part of Association House Workforce Development. Her favorite part of her experience is that every day she gets to meet people from all over the country and experience new cultures. In honor of Women's History Month, she shares what this month means to her and why we need more women in leadership.

What is your favorite part of your experience with Association House?

During my work here at the Association House of Chicago, I enjoy getting to know more people from different countries around the world every day. I like how we all agree, no one looks at the other as different, on the contrary, our differences mean diversity. Here you can learn about new cultures, new traditions, and food. My workplace represents a small world full of kindness, compassion, cooperation, appreciation of people, and respects their humanity!

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

It means to always remember that for thousands of years women have left their mark on their societies, have changed the course of history at times, and have influenced significant spheres of other's life. In all civilizations, extraordinary women from different faiths and backgrounds have worked alongside men to advance their communities. Their inspiring stories, charismatic personalities, and determination to contribute to the development of their environment make them beacons that guide young women and men today!

Why do we need more women in leadership?

Having more female leaders is important because female leaders change the perceived conception about who can lead and what qualities are necessary to have in a leadership position. Women bring a more complete range of the qualities modern leaders need, including self-awareness, emotional attunement, humility, and authenticity. Women in these roles help break down barriers and show everyone what women can and should achieve!



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