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From Improv Comedy to Vocational Support: How Henry Makes an Impact

Henry is a Vocational Support Specialist in our Behavioral Health programs. He was born and raised here in Chicago as the son of two Ecuadorian immigrants. He is the uncle to his nephew and niece and purveyor of snacks and belly rubs to Rocky, his 14-year-old Yorkie. Before finding his way to Association House, Henry had a wide blanket of experiences. He drove trains for the CTA, studied Improv Comedy and performed at Chicago’s Second City Theater, and co-founded a non-profit where he got to work with many amazing organizations.

What is your day-to-day like?

"By title I am the ACT teams “Vocational Support Specialist” but, much like everyone else in the agency I wear many hats. You never really know what gift the day will hand you so it’s best to be on your toes and be prepared to shift. From in office appointments, home visits, medical appointments and even going shopping with participants each day offers a different experience."

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments at Association House?

"February will mark my first full year here at Association House so I’m hoping my biggest accomplishments are still ahead of me but for now my biggest accomplishments have been the rapport built with our participants and earning their trust. I hope to continue having their trust and being a safe space for them in their lives."

What memories stand out from your time at Association House?

"The teamwork, maybe it showed maybe it didn’t, when I first started this was a completely new setting to me, and any self-doubt I had was quickly washed away thanks to the great support from the staff at Association House especially the ACT Team. The Act Team really helped me feel comfortable in my role and in doing that allowed me to “spread my wings” as the saying goes."

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working here or coming here as a participant?

"To any future potential co-workers if you are flexible with your time and are up for the challenge come join the team. Working at Association House allows you to make a direct impact in peoples lives. You get to be a part of somebody’s journey to a better them, you can’t put a price on that."


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