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Finding a Path to Freedom

April is a writer, a mother, a friend, and now, she can say she’s a survivor. Through motherhood and marriage, she nurtured her family with love. But April’s husband verbally abused and financially exploited her - ruining her credit and putting their housing at risk. When things really started to go bad, he blamed her. With shouts and scorn, he belittled her. Repeatedly. Despite all her accomplishments, he made her feel worthless for disabilities she was born with.

“His words hit me like a rock,” April recalls.

Although April thought she could handle the abuse she received; she could not bear knowing that her son was put in danger too. It pained April to hear him ask, “When will you call the police? When will we leave?”

To hear those cries from her own child. From his soft, suffering voice. That made her angry. That made her act. April turned to Association House, where our Community Connections team was helping her manage her mental and physical disabilities. She may have come for case management, but she found advocates and resources that helped her take charge and build the life she was destined for. She worked hard to raise her credit score. By putting trust in our counselors, she found power through assertive communication, setting personal boundaries, and learning new coping skills. Today, April lives in a new home with her son. She is finally free from abuse.

"At Association House, I found a safe place to talk. I slowly started opening up. It took six years for me to unwind my own knots enough to take a big stand for myself.”

Today, April is a hero. With Association House, she is rewriting her story. She is now working to inspire and empower others going through the same experiences. She wants others to know they can take back control.

“I want to go to help people and I want to volunteer. I want to do something for someone else, you know?,” says April.

April is grateful she found Association House when she did. Association House gave April the resources she needed to find independence. Now April can pass on these tools and resources to others in the community who are seeking the same freedom that April once yearned for.

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