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A Home for Every Heart

Every child deserves a home where they feel safe, loved, and cared for. For children whose

safety is at risk, foster care provides a temporary haven where they are supported through these difficult times. Unfortunately, the foster care system faces it’s own challenges - a lack of funding, staff, and most importantly, foster parents.

Jessica and Jon’s family posing for a selfie on their front porch.

Becoming a foster parent is a big decision. But since a very young age, Jessica knew she

wanted to help the children in her community. Jessica and her husband, Jon, have two biological children of their own, yet they felt they still had love to give. This decision would change their lives forever.

Jessica and Jon’s foster journey began in 2016 when they found Association House. Our

child welfare team guided them through the process to become certified foster parents. During the process, they were given tools and resources to prepare themselves to take on this huge responsibility. Soon enough, Jessica and Jon welcomed their first foster child, Adel.

From the minute nine-year-old Adel arrived at his new foster home, he was met with warmth

and affection. He quickly bonded with his foster parents, siblings and an extended family of

grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. During regular meetings with his case worker, Angelica, he expressed his desire to make his situation permanent.

“Everybody has grown to love him. He’s ours. He’s been ours in our hearts since day one,”

says Jessica.

Four years later, Adel’s foster home became his forever home. The official papers were signed on his 13th birthday, giving them another reason to celebrate. Though this was a happy day for the family, Jessica and Jon recognize the difficult truths that are sometimes left unsaid.

“We understand that adoption can be both the most beautiful and the most traumatic moment in a child’s life. Supporting a child through that requires extra love and support,” says Jessica.

Fostering can be a challenging journey full of emotional highs and lows. Jessica and Jon soak in every second. When Association House called again to ask if they were ready to take in another foster child, they said yes. This year, with the help of their caseworkers, Jessica and Jon finalized their second adoption.

“Association House has been with us at every turn, through whatever hurdles we are given and there were many. Our case workers are available 24/7. They walk us and the kids through every step. We do it in community,” says Jessica.

Though their family is not traditional, Jessica and Jon would not have it any other way. The

decision to become foster parents has brought infinite joy to their home. For them, fostering is an act of profound love and resistance against a broken system.

Watch “With Love,” a short video created by Fig Media capturing the story of the Venegas family and how foster care changed their lives forever. If you are considering becoming a foster parent, we hope Jessica and Jon’s story inspires you to begin your journey. Association House is here.


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