Every year, Association House programs deliver meaningful results:

  • Impacted 17,233 individuals.  Of those who received direct services:
    • 52% Female, 48% male
    • 54% Latino, 37% African American, 6% Caucasian
    • 38% of AHC participants had no income
    • 34% were unemployed
    • 65% report making less than $1200 a month
    • 32% were Spanish speaking
    • 36% of participants directly served did not have health insurance
    • 44% report hearing about Association House via “word of mouth”
    • 95% of participants report satisfaction with our services and quality of care.

Last Year at Association House:

Community Services Program Highlights

  • 480 participants received pre-employment services.
  • 192 participants were placed in jobs with the assistance of our Workforce Development, Bank Teller and Individual Placement Support programs.
  • Distributed 2,581 emergency food packages to families in the community, which was enough to feed more than 5,100 individuals.
  • Brought $125,383 in revenue back to individuals through public benefit applications.
  • Enrolled 104 unduplicated Adult Literacy students, and completion rates for Levels 1, 2, and 3 was 66%, and for Level 2 completion was 78%.
  • 71% of those post-tested after at least 40 hours of instruction increased their literacy or math scores by at least 1.0 grade level.
  • 30 students enrolled in subsequent training/education such as Career Pathways in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Administrative work.

Prevention & Education Program Highlights

  • Provided access to free immunizations, dental checkups, and health and nutrition resources to more than 484 families through the annual Fitness 4 Kids Health Fair.
  • Provided 109 high impact physical activities to youth/kids in four Chicago schools with 95% increasing their knowledge of physical activity and nutrition and understating the importance of physical activity as it relates to their overall health. 435 children and adults served.
  • Taught 121 nutritional workshops and 37 cooking demonstration focused on healthy eating and preventing disease with more than 74% of workshop attendees increasing their knowledge about health related topic and healthy food choices.
  • 733 individuals were tested for HIV and 1163 high risk individuals received education about HIV.
  • 100% of participants completing the Parent Education program demonstrate increased knowledge about parenting as determined by the parent-training curriculums pre- and post-tests.

Behavioral Health Program Highlights

  • Provided more than 174,125 hours of counseling and clinical services.
    • Assisted 96% of Behavioral Health program participants to avoid psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • 329 participants received services from our Integrated Health program. 293 participants receiving Integrated Health services, received education regarding hypertension, diabetes, mediation management, lifestyle changes. Some can see their psychiatrist, primary care provider, and case manager all on the same day. 84% report having learned healthier habits which helped them make healthier life choices, which improved their lipid levels, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and body mass index. 301 Integrated Health Program participants were able to communicate to a nurse in their native language.
  • 66 participants lost a total of 477 lbs since they started the program.
  • 79 participants’ blood pressure improved.
  • 403 participants received substance abuse treatment services.
    • 97% of DUI Early Intervention and Risk Education participants completed treatment.
    • 80% of participants that were discharged from substance use outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment successfully engaged in aftercare.
  • Provided 45 families with Respite services for a total of 16,826 hours.  These families have children who have developmental disabilities, and they are visited at home by Association House staff to provide relief from daily tasks.
  • 100% of Respite families report a decrease in their parental stress by utilizing respite services. Association House provides the only program in the area with capacity to serve Spanish speaking parents.
  • 81% of Psychosocial Rehabilitation participants increased their understanding/knowledge regarding their mental illness and medicine management needs.
    • 84% of participants engaged in a peer support group or activity that allowed them to increase their level of independence and functioning in the community.
  • Provided 27 individuals with Developmental Disabilities with Life Skills Education services so participants acquire and maintain adaptive skills in the areas of motor skills, social and communication skills, personal living skills, and community living skills.
    • 88% of eligible participants took part in the Pre-Vocational Training program.

Other BH Data Highlights

  • 87% of participants maintained or increased their overall mental health functioning.
  • 95% of participants were appropriately treated and avoided psychiatric hospitalization.
  • 90% of participants were able to learn or improve at least one independent living skill.
  • 95% of participants maintained housing in an independent, semi-independent or family living arrangement.
  • 90% of participants were able to identify and utilize at least 1coping skill independently.

Child Welfare Program Highlights

  • Served 335 children through delivery of therapeutic counseling services, case management, and other transitional care services in order to ensure that children and youth are partnered with loving and sustainable home environments.
  • Gave a safe and nurturing home for 121 children in foster care.
    • 34 children found a permanent home via adoption, guardianship or returned home.
  • 100% of foster care children were free from indicated maltreatment while in care.
    • 84% of children eligible for adoption completed a life book, which helps them document their lives, which includes documenting favorite things, collecting photographs from across the years, and documenting important life changes so that a new family may better understand the child’s life path, and so that a child may have documentation of their experiences.
  • 57 families served in Intact Family Services.
    • 93% of families remained intact.

Association House High School Program Highlights

  • 40 students graduated in 2016, with a gradua­tion rate of 80.4%, over CPS neighborhood high schools graduation rate of 73.1%.
  • 168 students enrolled. At 80%, the retention rate for SY16 improved almost 9 percentage points compared to SY15.
  • 2% of students met reading growth targets
  • 84.4% of students met math growth targets
  • Served 30 children in Family Literacy Program of 29 student parents enrolled in Association House High School
    • Provided 3,687 hours of children’s education was provided, which includes all Parents and Children Together (PACT) time, Children’s Education, and Library Services. 1,490 hours of PACT activities were provided.
    • Provided 34 parenting workshops, focused on social-emotional skills and communication.
    • 100% of children who completed post-assessments acquired new literacy skills (verbal and reading readiness) such as increased vocabulary, listening comprehension, and recognition of differences in sounds and letter-sound relationships, from pre- to post-assessments.
    • 100% of children who completed post-assessments demonstrated improvement in social-emotional, phonic, or motor skills, from pre- to post-assessments.
    • 100% of parents improved verbal interaction and educational play with children.

Volunteers dedicated over 15,150 volunteer hours to Association House – an immense benefit for our programs and departments!

“What do you like most about the program?”

  • Program was not overwhelming; it went at a slow pace so I was able to get a sense of accomplishment. (Tech Center)
  • The professional and kind way we are treated. (Income Support Services)
  • “My therapist is patient. I feel encouraged and praised. She provides me with tools to cope with my trials/tribulations.  She has made me begin to feel worthy.” (Adult Counseling)
  • “My family coach is always available, has answers to my questions and is super awesome”. (Prevention and Educational Development)
  • “I’ve improved in my character and as a person”. (Intact Services)
  • “Taught me ways to cope with my mental illness”. (Psychosocial Rehabilitation)
  • “Great instructors, knowledgeable in subject and course materials. They are professional, helpful and understanding”. (Tech Center)
  • “The class gave me a high level of confidence to get out there and better myself”. (Customer Service Training)