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A white father helping a little black girl with her homework.

Foster Care

How We Help

Foster care can be tough on kids. When a child comes to Association House, we find a loving temporary home. Then, we work with all involved to find a safe permanent solution. Through years of experience, we have changed the lives of so many children via a safe return home or adoption. We pride ourselves on having the largest fully bilingual foster care team in the community, and we place a large emphasis on cultural relevance.

Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent? 

Becoming a foster parent is a huge responsibility, and it can be one of the most amazing experiences you have in a lifetime. We are always in need of foster parents who are passionate about caring for the children and youth we help. 

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2 white male foster parents, with the 2 younger children they are fostering in matching t-shirts.

"Being a foster parent is such a rewarding experience. Seeing how one year in a loving, caring, and stable home can have such a positive impact and change, in the children’s lives." 

- Jack and Andy, foster parents

135 children were protected and cared for by our foster parents in 2021.

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A middle eastern female foster parent sitting helping the young boy she is fostering with his homework.

Become a Foster Parent

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