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Brown skin mother smiling with her light brown skin young daughter.

Parenting Resources

How We Help

These resources are here for you. You'll find some of our favorite free activities and resources, books to help you navigate through the many challenges of parenting, expert articles for quick insight, and quality groups to grow your support network and reduce isolation. 

Children's Books

Here are a bunch of books for the kids and families that often get left out. These books talk about things like grief and loss, the foster care experience, adoption and other similar topics. The beauty of the books is that they allow so many kids to have that same opportunity to relate to a character, or to help educate your kids on how different families can look. 

Recommended Apps

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FOCUS on Foster Families is a mobile app designed to help support foster youth and their caregivers as they navigate common challenges. The app includes an extensive library of video interviews with foster youth and caregivers sharing what has been helpful for them, and experts providing guidance and how to best navigate the legal, school and child welfare systems.

iFoster app connects current and former foster youth to the resources they need to succeed. Hundreds of free and discounted resources for employment, education, daily living and health/wellness all curated for foster youth by iFoster. 

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Grief, Trauma and Loss 

Exploring and dealing with emotions like grief, trauma and loss can be confusing and overwhelming at any age. Big and intense feeling are hard to navigate, and there is no right or wrong way to go about experiencing your emotions. However, it is important as a parent to help children learn about healthy coping tools to help them succeed. Check out the articles below that take a deeper dive into grief, trauma and loss.

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Partner Resources

A middle eastern female foster parent sitting helping the young boy she is fostering with his homework.

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2 young kids playing with hula hoops in the front of the building during the Back-2-School Fair with a volunteer. 1 younger black female, 1 younger black male and 1 older black male.

Back 2 School Fair

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