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Juan Carlos Linares

President and CEO

Juan Carlos Linares is the President and CEO of Association House of Chicago, where he is inspired by the team’s dedication to serving the thousands of participants that rely on the House annually, and its 124-years history in stabilizing the lives, households, and communities it serves. Born in the Humboldt Park community and raised in Bellwood, Juan Carlos is an attorney and has held leadership in nonprofit, government, and civic roles over his 21-year career, and is also a part-time educator.

From a mixed-immigrant household– his mother from Peru and his father from Guatemala– Juan Carlos himself participated in social service programs, sustained in his youth through food pantries and attending bilingual early education programs. These experiences motivate Juan Carlos to lead the House in celebrating its history, fostering its growth, and serving its communities toward strong, stable, and equitable futures.

Juan Carlos Linares
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