Dear Friends,

The most basic human needs tie us all together. A warm and safe home, a nourishing meal for families, decent jobs with livable wages, and quality time in the comfort of the chosen community. Only when those needs are fulfilled may we begin thinking about growth and can create opportunities for a thriving future. And so it is that we all are now faced with the effects of a global health outbreak, which has disturbed even our most basic of comforts.

Although this new challenge has certainly affected all of us, it is our society’s most vulnerable who have been dealt the most devastating blow. We at Association House have decided to keep our doors open to ensure that our 5,000 participants and their families have us to depend on. As the world changes in response to our public health reality, we, in turn, are adapting our approaches to ensure that we continue to empower those who need us most – so they can lead successful lives.

Association House remains an essential service to our community. Our clinical staff and mental health professionals now provide counseling services to hundreds of clients via teletherapy. The participants with the gravest of mental health needs are watched over 24/7 by our residential staff. Some of our staff now deliver care packages to many participants in need of emergency support and food. Our teachers serve as mentors to our 155 high school students and support them on an on-call basis as they are e-learning. And our child welfare case managers and clinical staff continue to meet with youths and parents to guide them toward forming healthier and more secure families. In virtue of social distancing, and to the mitigation COVID-19 spread, we are following all public health guidelines to maintain the safety of our staff and our participants. Their lives are our top priority.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that you are reading my words, instead of hearing them. You would have spoken with me at our annual Faces of Hope benefit event – eating delicious food, drinking merrily with your friends and our network of passionate supporters, and taking part in a charge to bring much-needed resources to our mission. We connect still, at this time, to spotlight our faces of hope. Enclosed are stories from our professional and compassionate staff, who will share with you why the work we do right now is so essential to the betterment of our communities.

Thank you for your enduring support. The interest that you show in our mission and the resources that you entrust to our operations mean that we will successfully weather this challenge head-on. And to continue our legacy of support for Chicago’s most vulnerable for over 120 years.

Best Wishes,

Harriet Sadauskas

Association House’s PSR Team Adjusting to Coronavirus Hurdles to Aid Participants

With the commitment and support of dedicated staff, we are able to keep our doors open to ensure that our 5,000 participants and their families have us to depend on. Of that number are those who are in our Psycho-Social Rehabilitation program, which builds social, economic, vocational and independent living skills in preparation to participate in the greater community. Our participants meet with the PSR team regularly to assist in overall improvements, which was threatened due to the coronavirus outbreak. Read more.

Drop-In Center Team Lead Mary Discusses the Challenges AHC Participants Face Due to COVID-19

Just as many members of society, Mary’s work has been impacted by the novel coronavirus. With the Stay-at-Home order in place across the state of Illinois, access to Association House for participants is limited. As an essential worker, Mary has transitioned into continuing care for our participants across digital means, along with home visits and more. Read More.

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