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Women's History Month Empowers Veronica to Use Her Voice

Veronica works in our Behavioral Health division managing the Respite Care and Home Based Self Directed Assistance programs. She has been working with individuals with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities for 14 years and is considered a power house on the team. Read how Women's History Month empowers Veronica to use her voice.

What does woman’s history month mean to you and how do you plan to observe it?

It allows me to remember women of our past that fought valiantly to let us have the freedom and the rights that we have today. I plan to keep empowering every woman I come across, young or old to keep fighting for their rights and to always use their voices, every day, not just in the month of March.

What woman has influenced you the most in your life and/or career? My mother, my sisters and my daughter. Also, all the women I have had the honor to work with and the women that I have met while in the community.

Why do we need more women in leadership? We need more women to use their voices against oppression in every career field and at home, more women need to know how to spread the word that we too, can reach the greatest lengths that this world offers.

What female historical figure inspires you to be a leader? Hilary Clinton. She inspires me because she is proof that women can get to a position of power in a field that is dominated by men. Queen Elizabeth is also an inspiration, she was the longest reigning queen in time, she taught the world how to be a leader and be graceful in a seat of the utmost power without the need of a man to keep her in power. In our world, it is not seen where a president does not have a wife, or even kids. She had a husband, but as law sets it, she always walked first, never behind him or at his side.



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