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Staff Highlight: Myra Rodriguez

Myra is our Community Health Supervisor and part of Association House’s Community Health team. Her favorite part of her experience is the tight-knit, familial culture at Association House that makes it unique and special. In honor of Women's History Month, she shares why we need more women in leadership and how she wants to see this month highlighted at the house and in our community.

What is your favorite part of your experience with Association House?

The tight-knit, familial culture at AHC is very unique and special. This experience has helped me to grow and has provided me with emotional support and friendship. I believe that our strong sense of community within the House is what we are so successful in serving our surrounding communities.

Why do we need more women in leadership?

We need more women in leadership because it is essential to making progress. Women continue to be underrepresented at every level, especially women of color. Deep cultural/societal work is required to create workplaces where all women feel valued and represented because we bring the skills, different perspectives and cultures that create necessary solutions for the world.

How would you like to see Women's History highlighted at AHC and in your community?

I think a way the community or the agency can celebrate women's history month is to raise donations/money for women and girls who need help. Starting a fundraiser for a worthy cause! That in turn will build camaraderie over a common goal that helps others.



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