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Staff Highlight: Jennifer Gaytan

Jennifer is our Community Support Specialist and part of Association House's Behavioral Health team. She shares how the connections she's made with participants and coworkers make her experience at the house special. In honor of National Mental Health Awareness month, she shares what influences her career, shares some advice, and the importance of taking care of ourselves.

What is your favorite part of your experience with Association House?

My favorite part about working at Association House is the connections I have made with my coworkers and participants. I appreciate that the people I have met throughout my time here have made it a great experience.

What influenced your desire to want to be a counselor?

I feel very strongly about mental health and mental well-being because growing up in a traditional Hispanic household with immigrant parents, mental health was not seen as “real.” I wanted to be able to change that mindset at least within my family. I hope that with time, mental health is no longer a taboo topic within my culture.

In honor of national mental health awareness month, what advice would give to someone struggling with their mental health?

I would like to encourage people to seek help when they feel like they need it. Whether it be with a friend or a professional, it is important to have a safe space where one can feel better. Taking even small steps in receiving treatment may be of big benefit. Why do you believe it’s important to take care of our mental health? I believe it's very important to take care of our mental health to live a healthy lifestyle. Our mental health helps determine the decisions we make and our connections with others. Therefore, I believe that out mental health is important for our overall well-being.



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