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Staff Highlight: Alicia Marrero

Alicia is a talented Bilingual therapist who earned her Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Latinx Mental Health from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Alicia practices therapy to empower people to create and mold their sanctuary space and tell their stories. To meet the rest of the therapy team, visit our Counseling page.

Headshot of Alicia Marrero, a hispanic female.

What initially drew you to joining the Association House family?

I was originally drawn to Association House as I was applying to my graduate level internship. I was glad to know that Humboldt Park and neighboring communities were being provided community mental health services, and absolutely knew Association House was my #1 choice because I wanted to work in my community and for my community.

What is your favorite part of your experience with the Association House?

​I truly enjoy the family connection we have here at Association House. When passing by the hallways I always encounter welcoming hello’s and continue to learn more each day. I appreciate that Association House provides so many services under one roof. My team is a family within a family, and we work cohesively.

Who or What influenced your desire to want to be a clinician counselor?

Working as a High School Mentor and an attendance counselor within alternative high school communities is what solidified my choice in becoming a clinician. While working I became more aware of the lack of services and the systemic approaches needed. Mental health issues were extremely apparent through the student narratives. These very narratives started to connect personal experiences of my own within my family and communities. These realities challenged me to ask the many ‘who what where when why and how’ questions, but most importantly my role in these realities and the healing work and reflections I need to continuously take part in.

What has been your most fulfilling experience as a clinician counselor?

My most fulfilling moments have been learning of the courageous and vulnerable moments participants share with us. Whether it’s through showing up in person or virtual, expressing their empowering narratives. Their presence is the very reason Association House is rooted in.



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