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Staff Highlight: Alejandra Mendoza

Alejandra is our Licensing Representative and part of Association House's Child Welfare team. She shares how loves seeing the children and youth in care smiling at her when she visits their foster home. She shares the importance of people being foster parents, what influenced her to work in foster care, and what she enjoys about being a licensing representative.

What is your favorite part of your experience with Child Welfare?

Seeing the children and youth in care smiling at me when I visit them at the foster home. I love hearing how their day went, accomplishments, school progress and any recreational activities. Above all, I was able to experience successful stories in the form of return home to birth parents, single parent, guardianship and adoption.

In honor of National Foster Care month, why should people become foster parents?

Children and youth in the foster care system have experienced either being abused, neglected, abandoned or faced tremendous obstacles. With your love and support, these vulnerable children in care will have the opportunity to be in a safe, loving environment — which allows them to thrive. Lastly, foster parenting is a powerful way to lift up the heads of these children and youth and show them that there is hope for the future.

Who influenced your desire to work in foster care?

My childhood friend was a key factor in my desire to work foster care at Association House of Chicago. She was already working as a case manager at AHC and she was aware that management was recruiting for additional staff to come onboard. Therefore, she reached out to me and encourage me to apply for foster care. All thanks to her and my dedication to help children in need, I have the privilege to work at an amazing agency.

What do you enjoy the most when working as a licensing representative?

Everything! From spending time with youth in care & foster families, speaking to potential prospectives, working with our development team in creating media content for recruitment to working diligently with my fellow colleagues.



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