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Meet Association House High School's New Assistant Principal

Give it up for Association House High School's new Assistant Principal! For five years, Tiana Thomas has been a Learning Behavior Specialist and Case Manager for Diverse Learners at Association House High School. In her time at AHHS, her exceptional leadership skills and dedication to fostering a positive learning environment have been an inspiration to all. We sat down with Ms. Thomas to talk about what she is looking forward to most in her new role.

What does Association House High School and the students mean to you?

Of all the schools that I have served since my start in the education field 17+ years ago, AHHS is the 2nd school that is unparalleled in familial ties and sense of community present in the building. The school stresses the importance of connectedness and unity towards a common goal despite different cultural backgrounds, values, and opinions. The students are “my why”. They are the reason I serve. Having experienced the reality of growing up in an underserved community and facing some of the students’ many challenges, I feel that it is my diligence to open their hearts and minds to “being from the community not of the community”.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

When I chose the field of education as my career choice, my mission was then and is now to serve and meet the needs of our students and their families. The needs of our students go far beyond what is required to earn a high school diploma. Therefore, I am also looking forward to making connections in our various underserved communities to advocate for educational reform and equity.

What kind of impact would you like to have on the school?

The kind of impact I would like to have on Association House High School is one that demonstrates that I am a leader who is compassionate and committed. I would also like my impact to show that I can be transparent and supportive. Furthermore, I am dedicated to fostering an environment that is diverse, engaging, and valuable, while still maintaining an expectation of excellence.

Favorite memory at Association House?

My favorite memories at Association House are every graduation I have had the pleasure to attend. It is not only a monumental achievement for the students that are graduating and their families. It is also a significant event for us as a school community to see that our support in helping them cross the finish line has not been in vain. The thing I love most about graduation from high school is that it’s a pivotal moment in the lives of young people as it is the moment where they make a transition into adulthood and launch what is the next major event in their lives.

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