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Honoring Women's History Month

Today is International Women's Day, celebrating women’s cultural, political and social achievements around the world and recognizing the roadblocks that continue to hinder gender equity and justice. Even today, women and especially women of color are excluded from equal participation in society and from decisions that determine their rights and choices. Today’s occasion serves as an opportunity to educate, empower and correct the record while also celebrating the progress and achievement of women.

March is also Women's History Month and the theme for 2023 is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories." Association House itself is rooted in the organizing of women who sought better jobs, pay and working conditions for themselves and for their children. This legacy continues today, and this month you will hear from staff and stakeholders who not only work to enhance the lives of our participants, but who make a difference in our community and our society.

Moreover, to meaningfully honor this month, our DEI Committee will be announcing certain products and services that will be available to Association House staff throughout the month of March, all of which directly advance local, women-owned businesses. For today and everyday, we celebrate efforts made toward achieving women’s equality, equity, education and empowerment.


The DEI Committee

Henry Herrera

Kristy Kolzow

Juan Carlos Linares

Jemina Lyle

Nicole Reed

Yvonne Rodriguez

Colleen Wieczorek

Drew Williams



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