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CCRF Grant Helps AHC Support Hundreds of Participants Through

A black female food pantry worker stocking the shelves with goods.

Across our community, many families were faced with immense challenges, stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to preexisting circumstances. Through this difficult time period, the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund has enabled Association House to increase access to food through our Emergency Food Pantry and create an Emergency Financial Assistance Fund for our participants who are most in need.

So far, the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund has given AHC participants over $28,000. In addition, 716 bags of groceries were distributed, while another $11,675 has been provided in gift card assistance. In total, 602 persons have been served, which covers 169 total households. Our case managers and Workforce Development Supervisor, Sawyer Knibbe, are working with families in fielding assistance request and safe distribution.

“Being relatively new to the organization, AHC staff have shown me what it means to rally around the community in a time of need,” said Sawyer. “It’s been encouraging to see the team effort involved in providing food and financial assistance to our participants most affected by the pandemic. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’d like to thank the CCT for making it all possible.”

The Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund was created to support local nonprofit organizations to serve the region’s vulnerable neighbors. The coronavirus outbreak has caused a greater demand for resources and services to support neighbors and communities. The Response Fund is assisting in tackling that demand by supporting agencies.

In collaboration with the City of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust and United Way of Metro Chicago launched the Fund to unite the funds raised by Chicago’s philanthropies, corporations and individuals to be disbursed to nonprofit organizations across the region.

We are thankful to be a recipient of this grant as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.



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