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Adel's Forever Home

In April 2016, Adel arrived at Jessica and Jon’s home as their first foster kid. Jessica and Jon both work as police officers and have two boys of their own. They had always wanted to foster children and Jessica knew this was her calling since she was a little girl. She shared “I know there are kids out there that need love.” Jessica and Jon are proud Latinos who want to improve their community and grow their family. And foster parenting is an excellent way of doing both. They want to speak their language, share their food, and continue their culture with children.

From the day Adel arrived, Jessica and Jon immediately felt he was going to be one that they kept. They were immediately protective, affectionate, and loving towards him and Adel showed attachment, care, and love to them. They quickly formed a strong bond with one another as a family. Adel not only had Jessica and Jon’s love but he was warmly welcomed and loved by their entire extended family of grandparents, cousins, and brothers.

At age 9, Adel was connected to Angelica Gervacio, one of our very own case managers from Association House. During his check-ins, he would expectantly say “that this needs to happen soon. When is this going to be over?” He was mature enough to know that he wanted a stable, loving home with parents who were there for him. He found that stability and love within Jessica and Jon’s family and was ready for the adoption process to be over. Throughout his check-ins, he opened more up to Angelica and shared his family stories. He excitedly shared with her that he “learned how to make money,” whenever he got good grades. Jessica’s mother, his grandmother, would give him money. He said, “she’ll pay $10 for a B, $20 for an A” and sure enough his grandma was in a heap of trouble because his grades went up quickly. Recently, he eagerly shared that “grandma paid me $120! I’m rich!”

Angelica shared that “it’s such a perfect, loving family because both grandparents (Jessica’s parents) are very engaged with the family, and they support the family by caring for them.” Jessica and Jon’s awesome support system has become Adel’s support system. The whole family was overjoyed when Jessica and Jon made Adel’s foster home permanent and adopted him. She said that “everybody has grown to love him, he’s ours, he’s been ours in our hearts since day one.”

Although it was a long journey to make Adel’s foster home his forever home, the family couldn’t have been happier to have celebrated his adoption this month on his 13th birthday. When asking Jessica what this whole experience meant to their family, she said “honestly, it’s a blessing to us, Adel’s the most kind-hearted and thoughtful kid. He’s a blessing to have. I love all my kids.” Association House is so happy we get to share Adel’s heartfelt story of his journey to his forever home. It may have been a long one, but he continued to persevere no matter what was thrown his way.


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