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2021 Annual Report

Dear friends,

As I reflect on my first year at Association House, I smile thinking of the accomplishments, the camaraderie and the resilience of our community, now in its 122nd year. The ongoing pandemic has forced us all to re-imagine a life of service, and has re-awakened us to the critical importance of the programs, the lending hand and the peace of mind that Association House offers every day.

The stories at Association House are myriad, and its participants are diverse. In workforce development, our two most recent graduating cohorts of the BankWork$ program celebrated the bright futures of participants who came to us from as far as Mexico, Somalia, and Algeria, to right here in the south and west sides of Chicago. In child welfare, we jumped for joy at every child placed in a permanent, loving home, whether here in Chicago, or even in neighboring states!

I have sat with our high school students over lunches, listening to each of their unique stories. One student recently arrived to the U.S. from South America, seeking stability and a quality education. Another student needed advice on the best way to get from his west side neighborhood to his potential new job on the north side, where he would finally be able to help his family with much needed earnings. And yet another student looks forward to graduating this winter where he will go on to learn the trades and become a carpenter and HVAC specialist.

This past year, I have been transformed. With Association House’s 2021 annual report, we proudly illustrate our accomplishments and share the inspiring stories of our participant community. I know that with your support, you are transforming the lives of our participants as well.

We thank you for your continued support of those most in need, and we look onward to a thriving 2022.


Juan Carlos Linares

President & CEO

2021 Annual Report
Download PDF • 8.34MB



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