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A black male chef chopping herbs on a cutting board.

Association House Kitchen

What We Do

Association House Kitchen is a fast-paced, 8-week food preparation training and subsidized employment program for returning and justice-involved citizens designed to equip graduates for positions in professional kitchens.

Kitchen Skills

In this program you'll learn:

  • Industry standards and expectations

  • Culinary terminology

  • Classical knife skills

  • Proper food preparation

  • Techniques for maximum yield

  • Use of most common professional kitchen tools and equipment

Graduates will also earn their ServSafe Illinois Food Handler certificate. 

Personal Growth

Our unique approach pairs culinary training with critical reflection through Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT). MRT is highly-effective in creating a positive identity, improving decision-making, and helping individuals recognize the social consequences of actions. 

Participants will receive two MRT sessions weekly during the program and for 4-6 weeks following graduation. 

How We Are Different

In addition to skills-training, our team provides one on one support and wrap-around programs to ensure your success. You’ll have access to our Income Support Specialist, Case Managers, Career Navigator, Mental Health Counselors, and more. Here, we get to know you and invest in you as a whole person.  

Eligibility & Enrollment

This program is currently open to City of Chicago residents who are returning citizens or justice involved individuals with non-violent offenses. For consideration, complete the form below.


Contact: 773-772-7170 ext. 1050 

  • Current Class Schedule: Tuesday through Friday.

  • Class Format: 8 Week Program, 5 Hour Class, and in-person.  

  • Next Class Starts: July 22, 2024

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