Every year, Association House programs deliver meaningful results:

  • Served 14, 981 individuals:
    • 52% Female, 48% male
    • 56% Latino, 34% African American
    • 96% Earn below the Federal Poverty Level
    • 36% of AHC participants were unemployed
    • 42% had less than an 11th grade education
    • 39% of AHC participants do not have health insurance
    • 100% of individuals surveyed would recommend Association House

Last Year at Association House:

Community Services Program Highlights

  • 111 participants were placed in jobs.
  • 97% of those jobs offer health insurance either immediately or after a probationary period.
    • $10.95 was the average starting wage of a placed participant
  • 50 students were referred to Career Pathways in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Administrative work.
  • Brought $190,000 in revenue back to individuals through public benefit applications.
  • 678 individuals participated in Technology Center courses including Microsoft Office certification.
  • Provided Adult Based Education to 252 unduplicated students through day and evening classes. 208 students completed 8 week session, of those, 81% improved TABE scores by a 0.5 grade level.
  • 64% of Adult Based Education students increased their test scores by at least 1.0 level in the last year.

Prevention & Education Program Highlights

  • Provided 82 health/nutrition workshops and cooking classes to children and adults at 3 local elementary schools, directly serving over 210 community residents.
  • Conducted 103 high impact physical activities for children with 95% increasing their knowledge of physical activity and nutrition and understating the importance of physical activity as it relates to their overall health.
  • Last year our Fitness 4 Kids Health Fair hosted over 400 children and their families. 250 children received back to school backpacks full of school supplies.
  • 122 individuals completed the Mental Health First Aid Training, 100% were certified. These participants gained an increased knowledge about mental health illnesses and are better prepared to respond to a mental health crisis.
  • 100% of participants completing the Parent Education program demonstrate increased knowledge about parenting as determined by the parent-training curriculums pre- and post-tests.

Behavioral Health Program Highlights

  • Provided Integrated Health services to 159 participants. Some can see their psychiatrist, primary care provider, and case manager all on the same day.
  • Provided 52 families with Respite services for a total of 18,324 hours of direct service. Association House provides the only program in the area with capacity to serve Spanish speaking parents.
  • 106 participants received substance abuse treatment services.
  • Provided 22 individuals with Developmental Disabilities with services so participants acquire and maintain adaptive life skills. About 82% of eligible participants took part in the Pre-Vocational Training program.
  • Provided more than 195,720 hours of counseling and clinical services.
  • 90% of participants maintained or increased their overall mental health functioning.
  • 96% of participants maintained housing in an independent, semi-independent or family living arrangement.
  • 87% of participants were able to identify and utilize at least 1coping skill independently.
  • 66 Integrated Health participants lost a total of 477 lbs since they started the program.
  • 79 Integrated Health participants’ blood pressure improved.

Child Welfare Program Highlights

  • Served 220 children through delivery of therapeutic counseling services, foster care case management, and other transitional care services in order to ensure that youths are partnered with loving and sustainable home environments.
  • Gave a safe and nurturing home for 100 children in foster care. 42 children found a permanent home. Exceeding the required DCFS goal.

Association House High School Program Highlights

  • 44 students graduated in 2015, with a gradua­tion rate of 92.2%, over CPS graduation rate of 69.9%.
  • 155 students enrolled with a retention rate of 73.1%.
  • 32 student parents provided on-site sitter service and early childhood education for 33 children through the Family Literacy program.
  • As a result of participation in the Family Literacy Program, 97% of children showed improvement from pre- to post-assessments in at least one area (social-emotional, phonic, motor skills, etc), 97% of children acquired new literacy skills, 79% of children were read to by parents at least 5 times per week, and 100% of parents increased their access to and utilization of the library and its resources.
  • Association House High School band participated in the opening of the 606 Trail in Humboldt Park in June 2015!

“What do you like most about the program?”

  • “They respect my culture and I learned to be independent.” (Psychosocial Rehabilitation)
  • “I get to be with people my age. I made friends.” (Community Connections)
  • “Art work and going to the library. While in class, I trust that my child is well taken care of. Staff won my child’s trust. Normally does not trust staying with no one else.” (El Cuatro Año High School-Family Literacy Program)
  • “Feeling safe and not judged.” (Adult Mental Health Counseling)
  • “My caseworker cares a lot about me and my well-being.” (Intact Services)
  • “The change I have seen in my own personality.” (Foster Care Counseling)