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How Women's History Impacts Janely

Janely is an Intake Specialist with our Visions program, which offers life-changing education, counseling, and support to individuals experiencing alcohol and substance use problems. She has been with Association House for three years, and is looking forward to her journey ahead. In honor of Women's History Month, Janely shares with us how women have impacted her life.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you and how do you plan to observe it?

Women's History Month gives young females across the country the confidence, self-esteem, and willpower they need to follow the paths of their mothers and grandmothers. My objective is to offer young girls like my sister the ability to say, "hey, I can do it too"

What woman has influenced you the most in your life and/or career?

The woman that has influenced me to become who I am today is my grandmother Margarita. Being from a small town in Mexico she had no access to education and taught herself how to read and write. Growing up she motivated me to become independent and work towards a better future. In 2020, she lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. This Spring I will be graduating from UIC and will become the first woman in my family to get a degree and a have career. I dedicate all my accomplishments to her.

Why do we need more women in leadership?

Women executives are transformational role models who break down numerous obstacles at work brought on by gender bias. They are able to significantly grow as individuals thanks to their challenging journey to the top. Women are naturally born leaders who exhibit traits such as motivation, vision, and the ability to make thoughtful decisions.

What female historical figure inspires you to be a leader?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg because in her own life and profession, she fought discrimination. While attending law school, she balanced parenting with taking care of her spouse who was suffering from cancer. She was an inspiration to all young girls as a Supreme Court Judge.


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