With consideration toward the uncertainties that have arisen out of the global pandemic COVID-19, our Team AHC charity runners will continue to train individually and raise funds in support of their personal goals and generosity to our cause. 

Why join our charitable running team?

You want to make a big local impact! You can help Association House’s success through your collective support and care for our local community and for those of our own neighbors who are most in need. And now, as runners, you can help us spread our mission throughout Chicago!

Join us as a runner for the upcoming Chicago Spring Half Marathon and 10K for Association House of Chicago. As a member of our Charity Run team, you are taking steps to achieve your 2020 fitness and health goals. And in doing so you also ensure our own century’s + legacy continues to thrive!

Every donation helps support our approaches to improve families and individuals in our community.  Please consider making a donation today to support our runners and their goals!

Joining is easy! Just follow these steps.
1. Make a pledge to run for Association House.
– Contact Drew Williams as dwilliams@associationhouse.org to make the pledge.
– Runners will receive an entry code for a $10 discount off marathon entry fee
2. Register for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon using our entry code.
– Sign up directly through the Chicago Spring Half Marathon site. Use code for guaranteed discount.
3. Sign up for your online fundraising page.

What your running supports?

For over 120 continuous years, Association House has been defined by being both responsive and able. Responsive – – to the issues and concerns that affect some of the most vulnerable Chicagoans. Able – – to listen to those vulnerable persons and to create and sustain tried-and-true approaches to improve their quality of life. It is in our blood to connect with our community and address their immediate needs and long-term goals – and promote their health & wellness and create opportunities for their educational and economic advancement for the 5,000 children and families we serve. That is our mission. And, we have been doing it – reliably – for well over a century