Harriet Sadauskas, President

As President, Ms. Sadauskas oversees all aspects of the organization’s 13 million dollar budget including the efficient management of resources and expenditures, the management of more than 200 employees and three facilities, and works in tandem with a dedicated governing Board of Directors.  She joined Association House 40 years ago as a secretary for the senior outreach program, rising up through the ranks.  Her “hands on” approach to enhance the quality of life for diverse communities has enabled her to lead and implement strategic programmatic and administrative developments for the organization. With the Board of Directors, Ms. Sadauskas led the organization during a capital campaign which allowed for the consolidation of programs and the move of operations to Association House’s present facility on 1116 North Kedzie Avenue.  Given the changing demographics of Wicker Park and West Town communities and the growing needs of Humboldt Park and its nearby communities, Association House was able to make its services more accessible and thereby, expand its reach to the target populations.

A graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, she is an accomplished multilingual professional and speaks conversational Polish and Spanish.  Ms. Sadauskas is the first born daughter of immigrant parents who settled near the original location of Association House at 2150 West North Avenue in the 1950s.  Due to Association House’s well known commitment working with immigrant and low income families, her mother brought her to the House’s well baby clinic for vaccination.  Also as an elementary school student, Ms. Sadauskas and her friends participated in the extracurricular, after school activities offered at Association House.  She is a proud mother of Laura and Fred and grandmother to Lilliana and Freddy.