In June 2020, Association House graduated 55 students, providing them with their high school diploma and the opportunity to continue their education. Our High School creates pathways for Chicagoans who encounter painful hardships and want to improve their lives.

An example of our work is Rana who departed her previous school in search of more support and direction in her education. Upon arrival at Association House High School, Rana was met with a positive educational environment where she better-managed work, balanced stress, and planned for new possibilities.

“I wanted to put myself on a path where I knew I could succeed. It is very advantageous for me to know how college can be structured, especially right now with everything online. I know how to order my books and the proper way to address my professors and get in contact with my counselors. I have an idea of how much course work there will be… and just knowing what to expect for the classes that you’re choosing. Association House’s dual enrollment opens up people who might not otherwise have even thought about college!”

Rana is going on to complete her general education courses from the City Colleges of Chicago before transferring to Columbia College for Fashion Design. She also has ambitions to go to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.