For Alejandra, working at Association House has been an eye-opening experience. In her role as a Placement Worker, she finds that she wears the hat of a community member, social worker, and assistant in the Child Welfare department. While moving between roles, Alejandra has found joy in being able to branch out and learn more about requirements for adoption, licensing with the Department of Children and Family Services and maintaining a foster home.

“I care for the children,” Alejandra said. “If we are able to assist a child to avoid trauma, neglect or abuse, my conscience is eased.”

Alejandra is currently tasked to be a Placement Worker in the Burgos program, a Spanish-language sector of Child Welfare, that assists in breaking the language barrier with children who are in need of a home. While the work assists families, it also provides a connection to her own personal life.

“Working in Burgos allows me to embrace my roots while breaking that language wall. For me, that includes translation, assisting in DCFS cases, working in transition periods and even cases where minors could return to birth mothers or fathers and successfully completing guardianships.”

Alejandra knows that no one day is the same. Along with home visits, she is prepared to juggle multiple adoption situations and enter court dates for final adoptions, resulting in what she refers to as “beautiful moments.”

“My job has been wonderful, memorable and successful,” Alejandra shared. “I pride myself on the job that I do here and how I impact and change the lives of children every day.”