Association House’s Behavioral Health division was awarded a $50,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois to progress our telehealth infrastructure. The generous gift will enable the continuance of services to community members as they aim to improve their lives.

Behavioral Health programming assists in the emotional, social, education, developmental, and primary care needs by providing access to prevention, treatment, and educational services. Those include community-based and trauma-informed services to the underserved in both English and Spanish. To carry out those services, AHC utilizes case management to ensure a proper treatment plan.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a hurdle was presented in providing that care due to social distancing guidelines. The grant allows services to continue care for those who have compromised immune systems, underlying health problems, or behavioral health needs.

“COVID provided a hurdle for our team to push through, thankfully we were able to transition to telehealth,” said Kristy Kolzow, Supervisor of Visions Substance Use Program. “The transition is helpful as the pandemic was hard for our program because of the triggers to use substances due to the stay at home order. We checked in with clients daily for sessions, made sure we were available at all times, found online meetings that participants could attend, and used each other to staff cases. We have a great leadership team that was able to apply for some additional funding as well to be able to provide more resources.”

This expansion will continue to be useful once restrictions are loosened and also reduce barriers to care that are not related to COVID-19. The expanded telehealth capabilities will enable AHC staff to effectively work off-site while allowing them access to critical clinical documents where necessary to administer help to participants.

You can learn more about our Behavioral Health programs here.