With much of the world transitioning to online learning and meeting spaces, Association House has announced its new Work$Ready program.

Work$Ready is a free online job readiness training program for those who are seeking employment during stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines.

Work$Ready was created in response to job losses and the economic impact of the pandemic. Association House participated in a workgroup of CareerWork$ affiliates to contribute to program design.  

The course is three weeks long with sessions occurring three times a week for two hours apiece. It is taught by instructors over live video conferences and features coursework composed of professional presence, resume writing, interview practice, and soft skills that will assist in landing and job retention. 

Fostering a supportive relationship with instructors, participants engage in one-on-one coaching along with their weekly assignments. Technology-related skills, like webcam interviews and online applications, will be emphasized to assist participants in their employment search.

The Work$Ready program has already graduated two cohorts with a total of 20 graduates. Of those participants is Diana, who endorses the program’s ability to prepare those searching to make a step in their career. 
“The Work$Ready program was very educational and organized, I learned a lot,” Diana said. “I wish I had found this program when I first started my job search, I would have been better prepared. 
“At the end of the program, with the instructor’s guidance, I now have a professional resume, a better understanding of the interview process, and tools needed to be successful. With all the resources I was given, I feel confident that I will land a job soon! I already had my first job interview with the new resume.” 

You can learn more about the Work$Ready program and how to enroll here