With the commitment and support of dedicated staff, we are able to keep our doors open to ensure that our 5,000 participants and their families have us to depend on. Of that number are those who are in our Psycho-Social Rehabilitation program, which builds social, economic, vocational and independent living skills in preparation to participate in the greater community. Our participants meet with the PSR team regularly to assist in overall improvements, which was threatened due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“With the present ‘Stay at home’ order exacerbating social isolation, many of our clients dependent on our services are at great risk for a mental health crisis,” said Nydia Gonzalez, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Supervisor. “Our staff allows for the population we serve to receive both mental and social health aid during a time of heightened anxiety and stress for everyone.”

In an effort to continue with the aid of our participants, our PSR team has transitioned to telehealth. The ability to do so is essential during these difficult times as access to a family/friend support system may not be available. In addition, counseling services over the phone provide clients with a buffer to deal with the increased level of distress brought upon by the outbreak.

“The population we serve may have increased susceptibility to depression, anxiety, and substance use, thus it is imperative that we continue to support them and at the same time foster positive attitudes and a sense of community. For the continued maintenance of our client’s status, it is essential that we continue providing services in the same way as doctors provide medical treatment to sick patients,” Nydia added.

The resiliency of our staff in wake of the current pandemic exemplifies Association House’s mission, leading to the enhancement of our participants’ lives.