Association House is proud to announce the addition of a new member to our Board of Directors, Noam Avidov, Director of US Business Strategy at IMC Trading.

As a member of our board, she will provide leadership and insight for the execution of our efforts of being a community resource to Chicago through educational, vocational and health programming.

Shortly after her addition to the Board of Directors, Noam highlighted what inspired her to take the next step in furthering Association House’s mission.

What originally drew you to Association House?
I learned about the Association House at the beginning of 2019, when I was looking to get more involved in the community (I live in Logan Square). One of the things I’m passionate about is developing sustainable, long term solutions to empower and elevate under-served communities. I believe the way to do so is not only by providing for immediate needs (e.g. clothing/food/money), which are critical, but also by educating and assisting with developing critical skills for individuals to move forward and up in their lives.

Getting to know the Association House’s mission and work – I believe it provides the tools and opportunities to strengthen and support Chicago’s communities, with a long-term impact. Plus, it has a proven track record of success.

How has your experience with Association House created a larger desire to assist the organization?
When I first visited AHC I was astonished by the vast array of needs that the House is focusing on and the number of people impacted by it.

Since then, I got to meet some of the incredible people who make it all work. Every time I visit or interact with the Association House employees or volunteers, I am amazed by how passionate everyone is about the cause, as well as how caring and open-minded they are.

In specific, taking part in the Back2School fair allowed me to meet the community members the agency works with and made it clear to me that the House is a unique and very important place in the community.

What is your favorite detail to tell people about Association House who are unfamiliar with the agency’s work?
I call the Associations House – “Chicago best-kept secret” and I always start by telling people how old the agency is and how many people it serves in a single year. Whenever I tell people about all the areas in which the Association House supports the community, I like seeing how surprised they are by the long list – just as I was when I first learned about it.

What do you hope to bring to the Board of Directors as a new member?
I hope to help the Board and the House employees in continuing to achieve the House’s mission. At a minimum, I want to make sure the house maintains its important impact, if not

further expand it. I hope my background and experience in business strategy will bring some new perspectives and help to identify new opportunities or ways to improve and grow. I also hope to spread the word and make sure more people know and support the Association House.