Association House high school is celebrating 30 of our students who are taking a step toward their college education by enrolling in classes at Wright College. We hosted a pep rally and invited parents of the students who are in our dual enrollment courses to a celebration, which included breakfast, a brief overview of the program and a speech by the Dean of Wright College.

“Dual Enrollment is a program that allows our students to get the college experience by attending a college course at no cost,” said Jessica King, Association House High School Assistant Principal. “With on-site high school teachers as their tutors through this class, the students are getting the best of both worlds by having help both on-site and at the college they attend. Being in the AHHS Dual Enrollment Program makes the college experience more attainable and gives our students a chance to see themselves as a part of the post-secondary education world. “

The moment celebrated a big step for these students and our school culture. As a surprise, each student received a new smartphone that will assist them as they progress through their courses.

“I was pulled aside to join and I was unsure at the time, but my mother and godmother encouraged me to do it, promoting me to be a lawyer and study criminal justice,” said student Brianna Henderson. “Doing this allows me to continue to move forward instead of going home and doing nothing.”

“Everything that I have been doing at Wright is what I have been preparing for at Association House, making sure that I am on top of my class work and aiming for good grades,” said student Andres Arroyo. “For me, it will be a next step and new challenge but it’s continuing what I have been doing.”

Our students are now participating in one of three different courses on Wright College’s campus:

Intro to Computer Information Systems (CIS 101)

An introductory course in computer science and programming, with emphasis on the logical analysis of a problem and the formulation of a computer program leading to its solution.  Topics include basic concepts of computer systems, computer types, cloud computing, and computer programming languages.

Criminal Justice 102 Administration of Justice

Operation of the agencies of criminal justice: police, prosecution, courts, correctional institutions, probation and parole.

ART – General Drawing

Still-life, landscape and human figure; experimentation with various media.

Images from the pep rally, the first day of classes and more from our college students are available here.

Chicago Public Schools has transitioned into online learning so has City Colleges of Chicago, allowing for our students to continue their dual enrollment program and gain college credit.