As you know, last winter Association House experienced a flood that impacted 25,000 square feet on multiple floors, which required restoration efforts that occurred throughout 2019.

Prior to reconstruction, Association House had to relocate staff and participants of the affected areas throughout the building in order to ensure services went uninterrupted.

With the assistance of our supporters, we are pleased to detail the strides that have been made in order to bring our building back to its fully operational state.

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At the beginning of November, we completed the renovation of a majority of our west wing, which allowed our high school students and staff to return to the fourth floor for the second quarter of their school year. Many of our Behavioral Health staff were also able to return to their offices.

On the second floor, participants in our Psychosocial Rehabilitation program now have access to their kitchen, which allows for the program to continue their efforts in meal preparation. We truly appreciate the resilience of our staff and participants, as well as the generosity of our supporters during this process. We will continue to update you on our progress.